Our wine of the week is Strawberry!

It’s no surprise that our Strawberry wine is chosen as Wine of the Week this week. Internationally recognized,this sweet wine is one of our most award-winning fruit wines. This year alone, Strawberry was awarded Double Gold at the INDY International Wine Competition, Gold with a score of 90 points at the Critics Challenge International Wine & Spirits Competition, and Gold at three other international competitions.

Fresh picked strawberries never tasted so good! Made from 100% fruit juice and featuring fresh from the field tastes, it’s no wonder it is so popular!! Our Strawberry Wine is made from sweet vine-ripened strawberries and it tastes wonderful when served well chilled, especially with dessert like pound cakes or milk chocolate.

There are plenty of ways to consume this win! Mix in cocktails, sip a glass all by itself after a long day of work, or cook into sauces, mains and desserts. For a refreshing summer drink, try Strawberry Fields Forever.

Find St. James Winery Strawberry and our other fruit wines in our Tasting Room or in a store near you!

Did someone say rosè?!

This week’s Wine of the Week spotlight is Pink Catawba! Pink Catawba is a blush-style wine made from the pink Native American Catawba grape, first found by the Catawba River in North Carolina.

The original rosé wine trend started in the early 19th century. Rosé wine lovers can thank Nicholas Longworth of Cincinnati, Ohio. He founded the first commercially successful winery using the Catawba grape to make sparkling rosé wine from the 1830s to 1850s.

We take pride in growing grapes suitable for our area, and Catawba fits the bill. It is a late ripening grape and does best in a long ripening season area like Missouri. This variety of grape has thick skin and a mild, fruity taste. Throughout the years, Catawba has been used to make various versions of wine such as sweet, dry, still and sparkling.

St. James Winery uses this grape to create this wine of the week. It’s a lovely rose color with a delightful balance of sweetness and tartness, like a ripe apple. Pink Catawba is a great sipping wine, and it’s also a lovely complement to fresh fruits, cheeses and light desserts. It is best served chilled and it hits the spot for a sweet after-dinner wine.

It is the perfect time of year for sangria and what better way to make it than with Pink Catawba? Try it in our Party Sangria recipe, which also includes the bubbly and flavorful Sparking Blush, which is featured during the Rosè All Day Wine Trail at the St. James Winery stop this Saturday and Sunday, June 9-10.

Grab a bottle of Pink Catawba to quench your rosè thirst!

A diverse mix of up-and-coming Missouri musicians will converge in The Gardens for an expanded two-day Heritage Music Festival Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24. This is the second year we are bringing music lovers together in our beautiful backyard (540 State Route B, St. James, Mo. 65559).

Guests will have access to the new rustic Italian-style menu featuring locally sourced food and expertly paired craft beverages at the Public House Brewing Company’s St. James Taproom.

The two-day festival lineup:

Saturday, June 23

 Sunday, June 24

Tickets for both days of the festival are $12. Saturday only admission is $10. Sunday only admission is $5. Children under 5 are free. Tickets provide entry into The Gardens to listen to the bands. Guests receive a wristband at the gate that allows them to come and go as they please.

Part of the proceeds from the festival benefits the Friendship School Foundation, an organization dedicated to engaging and educating local community on sustainability best practices.

Rosé all day – well, all weekend! – with us and the other wineries along the Meramec River Wine Trail.

Saturday, June 9 and Sunday, June 10, each winery is spotlighting their rosé wines and pairing them with delectable bites of barbecue.

We’ll be serving our Sparkling Blush with slow smoked pulled pork tossed in a house barbecue sauce on a baguette. Check out the video below to see our bottling crew foil wrapping the Sparkling Blush just in time for this event. The first press in the machine creases the foil. The second pass smooths the foil. These beautiful bottles are ready to be popped open!

Tickets for the Rosé All Day Wine Trail are $30 each and include a souvenir wine glass. Tickets are limited and must be purchased by Monday, June 4.

More details: http://www.meramecriverwinetrail.com/roseallday/

With the weather warming up, St. James Winery has the answer for the perfect tropical escape! Our new, year-round fruit wine was a past customer favorite seasonal wine selection, Mango! This sweet wine is made from 100% pure, ripe mangos with no added artificial flavors or colors. 

St. James Winery Mango is a great wine to enjoy chilled during the hot months of summer. It’s a great addition in many drink and food recipes too. A favorite drink recipe at our St. James campus is our Mango Wine Slushie. You can find our refreshing wine slushies in The Gardens, located between the Winery and Public House Brewing Company’s St. James Taproom. While this delicious wine slushie can be found in The Gardens, you can make it in the comfort of your own home. This recipe works great with any of the St. James Winery fruit wines.

Find St. James Winery Mango and our other fruit wine in our Tasting Room or in a store near you to beat the heat this summer!

Discover how easy it is to re-create the Mango Wine Slushie.

Try this sweet delight outdoors with plenty of sunshine – just the way Stephanie likes it!


1.5 parts Moscato
1 part Peach wine
1 part Mango wine
Frozen chunks of peach and mango (optional)


Serve chilled and enjoy!

Our wine of the week is Moscato!

Moscato is derived from the muscat grape, which some believe to be the oldest type of grape in the world. More than 200 variations of the muscat grape exist today and can be found in most renowned wine growing regions across the globe. Due to its powerful aroma, Pliny the Elder referred to muscat as “The Grape of the Bees”.

Our Moscato features dynamic flavors of nectarines and apricots accented with juicy notes of tropical fruit. Balanced by a crisp acidity, this fragrant semi-dry white wine is full of personality.

Moscato has continued to grow in popularity within the United States over the last decade and has increased at an impressive rate of 25% for the last three years. While Moscato used to be enjoyed primarily by an older demographic, younger wine enthusiasts are now regularly indulging. Regardless of your generation, Moscato wine is sure to satisfy your palette!

You can pick up a bottle of St. James Winery Moscato at our Tasting Room or at a retailer near you.

The Italians that settled in this area more than a century ago were a tight knit community that enjoyed socializing over good wine and food. Over the years, this region fondly became known as “Little Italy of the Ozarks.” We honor the area’s Italian social traditions at our Little Italy of the Ozarks Festival Friday, May 18 and Saturday, May 19. Celebrate with us on our beautiful campus.

Friday, May 18

St. James Winery Tasting Room


Winemakers Series Anniversary

5 – 8 p.m.

$15 per ticket includes St. James Winery crystal stemless wine glass

We are celebrating the first anniversary of releasing our Winemaker Series, a line of distinctive, small-batch wines that pay homage to our winemakers and their team’s grape growing and winemaking talents. Enjoy five of our handmade, small-batch wines expertly paired with delectable fare.

  • Chambourcin – Vanilla and lemon zest panna cotta
  • The Folly – The Folly-pickled asparagus
  • Blend #43 – Mini pimento cheese balls
  • Seyval – Smoked salmon served on a marinated piece of cucumber
  • Dry Vignoles – Diced hard salami and smoked Gouda tossed in an apple cider vinaigrette with Italian seasonings on crostini


4:30 – 7:30 p.m. | Justyn Moreland


Public House Brewing Company St. James Taproom

6 – 9 p.m. | Marissa Harms


Saturday, May 19

The Gardens

11 a.m. until early afternoon

Vendors include:

Noon | Italian Dance Group
6 – 9 p.m. | Drifter’s Mile

All-day Rosati-style spaghetti dinner special | $15

Win a winery gift box and tickets to a Sporting Kansas City major league soccer game.


Public House Brewing Company St. James Taproom


Our Winemakes Series turns one! Celebrate by tasting these exclusive, small-batch wines.

Choose between Norton 42, Chambourcin, Seyval and Dry Vignoles


A meadow nestled in a small valley surrounded by rolling hills planted with straight rows of grape vines. Dusk is settling over the vineyard.


Groups of people are gathering in front of a large outdoor movie screen. They are setting up chairs or sitting on blankets. A group of young boys is playing tag. Others are purchasing wine and food before settling down for the start of the movie.


The scene above paints the picture for our Movie Night in the Vineyard series, returning for a fifth year. We welcome you, and your family and friends, to join us for one of the most unique ways to see a movie in our area – under the stars in our vineyard.

Admission is free – this is our way of giving back to the community that has done so much for us. The Vineyard opens at 6:30 p.m., with the movie starting after sunset. It has to be dark before you can see the movie on the screen. Bring your own seating. Nights can be chilly, so bring jackets or blankets as needed.

Our wine, cider and juice, plus Public House Brewing Company beer will be available for purchase. You must be 21 to purchase alcohol, IDs required. We will also have popcorn, soda and candy available for purchase. Food tents will provide food options. Follow us on social media to see which food vendors will be at the movie. Please, no outside food or alcohol permitted.


St. James Winery Vineyard Cottage
19506 CR 1000
St. James, MO 65559

Movie Schedule:

  • Friday, May 11 | Sweet Home Alabama
  • Saturday, June 9 | Wonder Woman
  • Saturday, July 14 | Toy Story
  • Saturday, August 18 | Jumanji (1995)
  • Saturday, September 15 | Twister


What would be a terrific improvement to our Winemaker team in terms of precision, space savings and efficiency?

This was the question our winemakers, Andrew Meggitt and Aaron Spohr, asked when discussing how the St. James Winery Cellar Crew could become more proficient in producing champagne. With the fermentation process taking a minimum of 12 months inside each bottle of champagne, it is necessary to remove all sediment, also known as lees. This is accomplished by gathering the lees in the neck of each bottle during a process commonly referred to as riddling.

Since the start of champagne production at the St. James Winery, the Cellar Crew has used the handmade riddling racks built by founder, James Hofherr. With the riddling racks, the bottles are placed with their necks upside down at an angle, and are individually hand turned once or twice a day, depending on if the lees have all gathered together. With the racks, riddling takes several weeks to gather the sediment, and is rather labor intensive.

After doing some research, Aaron Spohr composed a rough sketch of a hand operated gyropalette, a device where bottles are placed in a cage and all the bottles can be rotated at the same time. Our farm managers, Scott Veatch and Sam Cobb, volunteered to head this project and constructed our very own in only four days. With our newest St. James Winery team member, The Riddler, riddling 282 bottles of champagne only takes us about one week worth of effort and saves nearly six times the space!

If you are interested in seeing the Riddler in person, visit the St. James Winery for a tour today! Check out the video to see the creation process and to witness the ease of the Riddler in action.