Wine of the Week: Friendship School White

Our wine of the week is our Friendship School White.

Delicate, fresh and fun, our Friendship School White may be the perfect semi-dry white wine. Enjoy its smooth aromas of grapefruit and marmalade with fresh, crisp flavors of green apples and lemon. It’s perfect to enjoy with spicy peanuts or soft cheeses.

In addition to its award-winning taste and beautiful presentation, this wine is a salute to the one-room schoolhouse adjacent to our vineyards. The Friendship School was built in the late 1800s by Italian families who brought winemaking to our Meramec Highlands region. They used this one-room schoolhouse to educate generations of children in both academics and heritage. This schoolhouse is preserved today in our vineyards, and our Friendship School wines were created to reflect the sense of community and heritage represented in that little schoolhouse.

Friendship School White is available at the St. James Winery taste room, online, and at select retailers near you. For a festive twist on this philanthropic wine, try our San-green-a recipe.

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