Wine of the Week: 2016 Vignoles

This week’s wine of the week will certainly brighten up your winter!

Part of the Frontier Series, our 2016 Vignoles is a lively, easy-drinking Ozark Highlands semi-dry white wine. The Vignoles grape is a part of the Missouri wine heritage, and is perfectly suited for our unique growing region.

These growing conditions helped to produce this highly awarded wine that has floral and fruity flavors of marmalade and pineapple, which finishes clean and crisp. If you’re looking for a touch of sunshine, this wine is an excellent tropical escape.

When it comes to pairing a Vignoles wine, spicy is the route to take. You will certainly enjoy this wine served with a spicy Asian dish!

This Frontier Series wine is available in stores, at the St. James Winery Tasting Room and online.


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