Wine of the Week: Velvet Red

Velvet Red is our wine of the week!

For nearly 50 years, the St. James Winery family has been a part of your celebratory toast with our two beloved, time-tested wines: Velvet Red and Velvet White. When Jim and Pat Hofherr established the St. James Winery in 1970, the Concord-based products made by the Italian immigrants in the community inspired them to develop Velvet Red.

This sweet red just so happens to be our winery’s first and best-selling wine. With a beautiful light ruby color, Velvet Red has delicious aromas of candied apples and cotton candy. Satisfyingly sweet, fruity and velvety smooth, this classic tastes and smells like ripe, fresh off the vine Concord grapes.

This is an ideal gift to introduce someone to our quality wines and heritage or to satisfy the sweet cravings of those who know us best. Velvet Red is best served chilled and pairs great with a chocolate truffles or poached pears. If you’re up for the challenge, try out our Velvet Red Red Velvet Cake recipe.

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