Wines to Make Missouri Proud

At St. James Winery, we make wine that reflects where we’re from — the Meramec Highlands. This rich, fertile region is a stretch of communities forming the heart of Missouri.

When they opened St. James Winery in 1970, Jim and Pat Hofherr started with wines that were easy to drink and easy to share with friends and family. They re-established the grapes grown by Missouri’s historical Meramec Highlands wineries in the 1800s and used them to make flavorful wines that are unique to where they’re made.

Since then, St. James Winery has given Missouri wineries a national profile, winning hundreds of medals and expanding to become the fifth largest winery east of the Rocky Mountains.

Winemaker Series wines with Hoffherr boys picture on a barrel - St. James Winery

Recognized Quality

Our one and only focus has always been to make delicious wine to help others experience the bountiful region where we live and work. St. James Winery is proud to be the most awarded winery in Missouri, and we are consistently among the top five most medal-winning wineries in the country. The recognition is nice, but we don’t do this for the awards — we do this for you.

Sustainable Winemaking with the Future in Mind

Sustainability is always at the forefront of our mind. Our viticulturists consistently review and implement new practices to reduce the environmental footprint of the winery while still preserving the quality that’s made us a Missouri favorite.

Peter Hofherr analyzing the grape vines - St. James Winery

To us, sustainability means three things:

Worker checking the stalks - St. James Winery

Sustainable Growing Practices

Our irrigation system and soil moisture data help us use less water while growing our grapes. Additionally, we use mechanical harvesting equipment to gather grapes as efficiently as possible (except for some special cases, which we still pick by hand).

Sustainable fermentation tanks - St. James Winery

Sustainable Facilities

Refrigeration is a necessity for wine making and requires a lot of energy. We installed a custom system which allows us to use less power while producing more wine! We concentrate on the small details of sustainability too – recycling all of our materials, using eco-friendly lighting, and composting everything we can! Every piece makes a difference.

Peter Hofherr and other tour the vineyards - St. James Winery

Sustaining Our Region

We’re proud of where we come from, and we do everything we can to help the greater Meramec Highlands region thrive. We partner with other local businesses to give tourists things to do in Missouri, we celebrate our history and the Italian culture St. James was founded on and we make sure all our employees have the resources they need to be good citizens and good neighbors.

Women enjoy drinks at a picnic table on campus - St. James Winery

The Fermentation Campus

Together with our beer partner, Public House Brewing Company, we developed the St. James Fermentation Campus. Our goal is to collect other partners and businesses who care about sustainability and heritage and share our crafts with everyone. Today, the campus acts as a craft beverage laboratory where we create beer and wine flavors inspired by our shared home.

On your trip through Meramec Highlands, stop by The Gardens at the St. James Fermentation Campus! You can choose your own adventure by tasting specially crafted wine, cider, beer and spirits, eating locally-sourced food and touring our vineyards and facilities.

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