St. James Winery Fruit WInes

St. James Winery’s innovative line of fruit wines are the perfect complement to a summer meal.  And with all the fresh fruits in season, the only difficulty is deciding what to cook!

Here are a few delicious ideas:

Not only do our fruit wines taste great in food, they are delicious when savored all by themselves.  At the recent LA Wine Competition wine judges awarded five of our fruit wines scores of 90+, including Peach which won Best of Class!

St. James Winery at Los Angeles Wine Competition

Eight St. James Winery wines received 90 points or better, including two 97 point ratings, at the 2013 Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition, held May 15 and 16 at the Los Angeles County Fair. The LA Wine & Spirits Competition uses a 100 point rating scale for gold medal winning wines.

Best of Class winners were:

  • 2012 Vignoles (97 points)
  • Friendship School White (97 points)
  • Peach (91 points)

Other gold medal award winners include:

  • Cynthiana (92 points)
  • Blackberry (90 points)
  • Blueberry (90 points)
  • Mango (90 points)
  • Raspberry (90 points)

“Our 2012 Vignoles is absolutely amazing! The exceptional quality of the wine is thanks in part to last year’s drought. The lack of rainfall resulted in pristine Vignoles grapes,” said Peter Hofherr, CEO of St. James Winery. “Our Friendship White Wine is another wine that has traditionally done well for us, and over the years it’s won quite a few Best of Class awards in wine competitions.”

“It was also gratifying to see our fruit wines continue to be standouts in wine competition, too. This year at Los Angeles, Peach led the way with the Best of Class award,” Hofherr continued, “but Blackberry, Blueberry, Mango, and Raspberry were close behind with gold medals of their own. In fact, all 16 wines St. James Winery entered in LA, won medals, and half of those were gold medals.”

St. James Winery is the largest and most awarded winery in Missouri. Founded by the Hofherr family in 1970, St. James Winery celebrating more than 40 years as a family owned and operated winery, St. James Winery wines are sold in 19 states and is online at www.stjameswinery.com.

Strawberries and barbecue!

These are two great ways to herald the arrival of warmer temperatures.  It’s time for outdoor living and entertaining!

Get inspired for the arrival of the summer season when you try these tasty recipes featuring our award-winning St. James Winery Strawberry Wine!


St. James Winery Mango Wine

Feeling the need for a beach getaway but no vacation time on the horizon? Running a little short on Vitamin “Sea”? For a tropical taste treat, grab some St. James Winery’s Mango Fruit Wine, it’s the next best thing to a vacation in the sun.

“Now that the days are getting longer and the countdown to summer is on, it’s time to enjoy Mango Fruit Wine,” said Peter Hofherr, CEO of St. James Winery. “Better hurry though, our Mango wine is a seasonal selection and only available for a limited time.”

Like all other St. James Winery fruit wines, Mango wine makes a delicious wine cocktail. This weekend for Cinco de Mayo try a Mango-Rita. For on the rocks drinks grab a big pitcher and mix a bottle of St. James Winery Mango wine with seven ounces of tequila and a half cup of chopped fresh mango. Add the juice of a lemon and a dash of lime juice and serve them up in salt-rimmed margarita glasses with a snip of mint.

For food and wine pairings, Mango wine goes well with either sweet or salty (or both!) It’s terrific with angel food cake or orange pound cake and tasty with chili spiced nuts or garlic bagel chips. Or try layering flavors: slice fresh mango off the sides of the seed, leaving the peel on. Sprinkle the top of the fruit with raw sugar and broil until the sugar caramelizes. Scoop the warm fruit from the peel and enjoy with a glass of mango fruit wine. Mango fruit wine also makes a delicious smoothie by blending equal parts fresh mango, mango fruit wine, and ice, then adding raw sugar to taste.

St. James Winery Mango Wine can be found wherever St. James Winery wines are sold. Look for the mango sunshine label or order online right now!  And with Mother’s Day coming up, why not share the Mango Wine love with Mom — she’ll thank you for it!



When your livelihood comes from the earth, which is the case with viticulture, then every day is Earth Day! Face it, if it weren’t for the good earth, there wouldn’t be any wine…and wouldn’t that be dreadful!!!

Here at St. James Winery we’re especially excited about Earth Day this year because it’s only been in the last few days that springtime has (finally!) arrived in the vineyard. The vines are sprouting shoots and we’ll have little baby grapes there in just a little while.

Get outside, stoke up the fire pit, and pour a glass of your favorite wine.

Looking for some super-grapey goodness?

Feel the need for fresh berry deliciousness?

Have a hankerin’ for orchard-ripened fruitiness?

Here’s to you, Mother Earth!

Now head on over to our online store — stock up on a few bottles, and do some good while you’re at it — our End Early Childhood Hunger is still going on!

St. James Winery Strawberry Wine

It’s springtime, and that means it’s time to break out the fruit wines! Nothing says “spring is here!” quite like a glass of St. James Winery’s Strawberry Wine!

And one of our favorite ways to enjoy our Strawberry Wine is with this delicious and easy mixed drink. Drinks, like good food, should involve multiple senses. This one looks great, smells great because of the mint, and tastes great.

Strawberry Fields Forever



  1. In a mixing glass muddle mint and Limoncello.
  2. Fill with ice and, using a Boston shaker, give a quick shake to let the ice further break up the mint.
  3. Pour contents, ice and all, into a large wine glass.
  4. Add wine and top off with a splash of club soda.

This is a refreshing, thirst quenching drink that is also modest in the alcohol department so you can sit on a deck and drink a lot of them on a sunny day.

To make them by the pitcher, simply muddle the mint in the bottom of the pitcher, then add two part wine and one part limoncello. To keep the fizz factor, add the club soda as you pour individual drinks.

St. James Winery Peach Wine

Who needs Love Potion #9 when you can whip up a Love Potion Made With Wine from St. James Winery?

It’s even better because it’s made with our Peach Wine, which just won double-gold at the 25th Annual Florida State Fair International Wine Competition!

Fill a tall Collins-style glass with ice. In a cocktail shaker mix equal parts

Pour the combined wine, vodka, and juice over the ice, then top off the glass with sparkling water or club soda.  Garnish with a slice of peach or a sprig of mint. And because it’s so simple, this also works great made by the pitcher.

With winter weather staying cool outside, now’s the time to keep things cozy inside. Turn on the oven and create something warm and wonderful using St. James Winery’s fruit wines.

Pastry crust baked with cinnamon and sugar is delicious with a Blackberry Compote featuring our Blackberry Wine.

Try Raspberry Wine for a burst of berry flavors for a twist on the traditional Fruit Wine Cake.

Super-simple goodness: a dollop of ice cream on a slice of pound cake, topped with warm Reduction Sauce made with our Blueberry Wine.

Warm and toasty, our Baked Brie & Cherry Puff combines brie, honey, pecan, cherries, and Cherry Wine in a warm and creamy treat.

Peach Wine is the star in our Praline & Peach Wine Cobbler, which gets even better when served with a scoop of ice cream!

Fruit Wine Crepes made with our Strawberry Wine are perfect for an elegant dessert or decadent brunch.

Let us know what you cooked up!

Take a picture and share it with us on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter!

The holiday season is right around the corner, and the extra-festive atmosphere at St. James Winery can be attributed to the release of their newest seasonal wine: St. James Winery Cranberry Wine.

Available in limited quantities and for a limited time only, St. James Winery’s Cranberry Wine is made from real fruit that results in a wine that’s sweet and tart. It’s a bright, festive cranberry color and bursting with authentic cranberry aromas, and taste. This wine offers fresh cranberry acidity with a nice long finish.

“Andrew Meggitt and his staff have made St. James Winery’s fruit wines the most awarded fruit wines in the US, so we were confident they would deliver a fruit wine that looks like cranberries, smells like cranberries, and most importantly tastes like cranberries,” said Peter Hofherr, CEO of St. James Winery.

“This will be an excellent wine choice to complement your holiday turkey or a big slice of cheesecake, and like all of our fruit wines, it’s a great mixer for wine cocktails,” Hofherr continued. “Think Cranberry Wine Cosmopolitan or Cape Cod. And if you want ideas, visit stjameswinery.com for a wide variety of cranberry wine cocktails, sangrias, and mulled wines, or in recipes for main dishes and desserts. But, because this is a seasonal offering, it’s available only for a limited time. When it’s gone, it’s gone.”

St. James Winery Cranberry Wine will be available for sale online, in the winery Tasting Room, and where ever St. James Wines are sold around the United States. St. James Winery, the largest and most awarded winery in Missouri, has been making exceptional wines for more than 40 years. Learn more about St. James Winery at stjameswinery.com.

Photo #1
Photo Cut Line: St. James Winery’s New Cranberry Wine

Photo #2
Photo Cut Line: Enjoy the holiday’s with St. James Winery’s new Cranberry Wine

At St. James Winery there aren’t any tricks involved in making our delicious wines. Still, sometimes when we taste the results, we wonder if maybe there was a little bit of magic involved after all.

Certainly, the results of the 2012 wine competition year have been magical. Here’s how some of your favorite wines have done.

Raspberry: 3 Best of Class, 5 Gold
Blackberry: 2 Best of Class, 2 Double-Gold, 3 Gold
Strawberry: 1 Best of Class, 8 Gold
Peach: Best of Show (Fruit), 1 Gold
Velvet White: 1 Best of Class, 1 Double-Gold, 1 Gold
Riesling: 1 Double Gold, 3 Gold
Friendship School White: 1 Double Gold, 3 Gold
Vignoles: 1 Best of Class, 1 Double Gold, 1 Gold
Rougeon Rose: 1 Double Gold, 1 Gold
Traminette: Best of Class, 1 Gold

Take advantage of our $15 flat rate shipping deal and have a case of gold medal goodness shipped straight to your front door!

PS–Remember, you’ll get our St. James Winery logo wine carrier absolutely free when you order 6 or more bottles of wine.