St. James Winery Mango Wine

Feeling the need for a beach getaway but no vacation time on the horizon? Running a little short on Vitamin “Sea”? For a tropical taste treat, grab some St. James Winery’s Mango Fruit Wine, it’s the next best thing to a vacation in the sun.

“Now that the days are getting longer and the countdown to summer is on, it’s time to enjoy Mango Fruit Wine,” said Peter Hofherr, CEO of St. James Winery. “Better hurry though, our Mango wine is a seasonal selection and only available for a limited time.”

Like all other St. James Winery fruit wines, Mango wine makes a delicious wine cocktail. This weekend for Cinco de Mayo try a Mango-Rita. For on the rocks drinks grab a big pitcher and mix a bottle of St. James Winery Mango wine with seven ounces of tequila and a half cup of chopped fresh mango. Add the juice of a lemon and a dash of lime juice and serve them up in salt-rimmed margarita glasses with a snip of mint.

For food and wine pairings, Mango wine goes well with either sweet or salty (or both!) It’s terrific with angel food cake or orange pound cake and tasty with chili spiced nuts or garlic bagel chips. Or try layering flavors: slice fresh mango off the sides of the seed, leaving the peel on. Sprinkle the top of the fruit with raw sugar and broil until the sugar caramelizes. Scoop the warm fruit from the peel and enjoy with a glass of mango fruit wine. Mango fruit wine also makes a delicious smoothie by blending equal parts fresh mango, mango fruit wine, and ice, then adding raw sugar to taste.

St. James Winery Mango Wine can be found wherever St. James Winery wines are sold. Look for the mango sunshine label or order online right now!  And with Mother’s Day coming up, why not share the Mango Wine love with Mom — she’ll thank you for it!



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