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Do you love the feeling of having a well-stocked wine cellar as much as we do?

  • When friends friends drop by unexpectedly, you’re covered.
  • Forgot to pick up a gift for the party? No worries.
  • Want to relax after the Day From Hell without stopping at the grocery? You’re all set!

In our book there’s only one thing better than having a cellar full of great wines, and that’s having a cellar stocked with great wines from St. James Winery!! (Okay, we’re a little biased!)

Join one of our Wine Club in order to make stocking that cellar a no-brainer. St. James Winery’s wine clubs sent you regular quarterly shipments.

Plus, you’ll also receive terrific discounts on additional online or Tasting Room purchases.

Make the Norhattan Transfer

In honor of January being Norton month, shake up your mixed drinks menu with this twist on the classic Manhattan. Our hats are off to Master Sommelier Doug Frost who developed this great wine cocktail featuring St. James Winery Estate Norton!

2 ounces St. James Winery Estate Norton
2 ounces rye whiskey
1/2 ounce vermouth
2 dashes whiskey barrel bitters

Combine all ingredients in a small pitcher with ice.
Serve on the rock in an on the rocks glass.