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With the heart of the holidays here, it’s time to pop open some sparkling wine to add some sparkle to your celebrations. St. James Winery has two sparkling wines that add fun to any party!

  • Sparkling Moscato: Incredibly fruity and intensely floral sparkling wine with honeysuckle on the nose and flavors of peaches and apricots.
  • Sparkling Blush: A zesty, fruity sparkling wine with flavors of butterscotch, candied apples, and fruit salad.

St. James Winery’s sparkling wines taste great when mixed with our fruit wines to add just a little kick of bubble and fizz. They’re also wonderful in sangria and punch. Here are a few recipes you might like to try.

Where did January go? It’s hard to believe the first month of the year is almost history and Valentine’s Day right around the corner.

Use the next couple of weeks to get a little bit of a head start on your Valentine plans for with bottles of St. James Winery’s sparkling wines.

  • St. James Winery Sparkling Blush has been a winery favorite for years! It’s a zesty fruity sparkling wine with flavors of butterscotch, candied apples and fruit salad.
  • St. James Winery Sparkling Moscato is an incredibly fruity and intensely floral sparkling wine with hints of honeysuckle on the nose and flavors of peaches and apricots.

For sparkling wine and food pairings, here are a few fast and easy suggestions:

  • Find a beautiful place, then fill it with chocolate truffles or chocolate dipped fruits.  If you’re feeling really energetic, try a chocolate fountain and with strawberries, raspberries, banana, or black cherries.
  • Serve a fruit or chocolate topped cheesecake with sparkling wines and let the bubbles balance off the sweet, heavy cheesecake.
  • Show off the beautiful bubbles with a flute glass, then float strawberries or raspberries in the wine as a garnish.

Just remember, our sparkling wines are only available online or in our Tasting Room, so unless you’re traveling to St. James in the next couple of weeks, order now if you want to have these on hand in time for Valentine’s Day!

It’s another New Year’s Eve: Out with the old year and in with the new!

For a sparkling great time grab St. James Winery’s Sparkling Moscato and Sparkling Blush for your New Year’s Eve festivities.

Pop the corks and pour some bubbly, then indulge some old-fashioned, ad-lib fun as you count down the minutes to midnight — grab a pencil and paper to fill in the blanks!


Should (adjective) acquaintance be (past tense verb)
and (adverb) brought to (noun)?
Should (adjective) acquaintance be (past tense verb)
and (unit of time) of (adjective) lang syng?

For (adjective) lang syne, my (term of endearment),
for (adjective) lang syne.
We’ll (verb) a (container) o’ (emotion) yet
for (adjective) lang syne.

St. James Winery reminds all our customers to please drink responsibly on New Year’s Eve and every evening during the coming year. If you’re hosting a party this New Year’s Eve, remember these helpful tips.

  • Don’t offer another drink until the the first one is completely gone.
  • Offer a variety of non-alcoholic drinks (think St. James Winery’s Sparkling Juices!)
  • Close the bar in advance of the end of the party, the serve a substantial snack.
  • Make sure there’s a designated driver (or drivers!) on hand.
  • If guests at your party have indulged just a little too much, don’t let them drive themselves home. Let them stay over at your house or call a cab.