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St. James Winery Cranberry Wine

When we’re finally together again for the holidays, St. James Winery Cranberry Wine is a tradition worth sharing.

You can be sure the season has changed from summer to fall in the midwest with the release of St. James Winery Cranberry Wine! Each year, it’s crafted with 100% all-natural cranberry juice, free from artificial colors, flavors, and additives. This care in crafting brings bright, festive flavors, colors, and aromas to your glass. The flavor profile is uniquely cranberry, appealing to both sweet and dry wine lovers. In our opinion, our customers say it best. “Hands down the best cranberry wine I’ve ever had. It’s not too sweet, not too tart. Goes perfect with holiday meals.”  Thank you, Missy L., for sharing your appreciation of the Cranberry Wine tradition.

Cranberry Wine is a seasonal fan-favorite and its release is much anticipated.

Each year, the flavors and aromas are unique while being completely cranberry. Of the anticipation, Wine Club member Jennifer L. says, “I can’t wait to try and buy the Cranberry wine this year! It will go nicely with my Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. I might even have a glass of it with slices of summer sausage and cheese on crackers.” This award-winning wine lends itself beautifully to pairing with turkey, ham, apple pie, and good conversation. St. James Winery Cranberry Wine is also a fantastic cocktail base, with Cranberry Mule and Crantini rising to the top as two fan-favorites.

St. James Winery Cranberry Wine is a tradition worth sharing, and one we are proud to share with you.

Cranberry Wine is beautifully presented for the season in a slender bottle, silver logoed cap, and intricate paper label. New for 2021, you’ll find the addition of a few thoughtfully placed snowflakes on the Cranberry Wine label. The festive cranberry flavor coupled with the beautiful package makes Cranberry Wine perfect for sharing and gift-giving this season. Our customers have found that a bottle makes a lovely complement to a holiday meal or a gift basket, and it’s always well-received when shared at gatherings. As Cranberry Wine lover Tamara F. said recently, “My favorite! I got a case as a Christmas gift.”

Cranberry Apple Wine, now available for the first time, is adding sparkle to our traditions.

Ready-to-go-anywhere in a convenient can, Cranberry Apple Wine begins with the same quality 100% cranberry juice, then our team blends in apple juice, and adds a subtle amount of carbonation for just the right amount of festive, bubbly refreshment. Each can contains 375ml, which is equivalent to a half bottle of wine. At a modest 6.2% alcohol by volume, Cranberry Apple Wine is light, crisp, and bursting with the cranberry flavors you’ve come to love by St. James Winery.

Cranberry Wine and Cranberry Apple Sparkling Wine are available now.

Find traditional Cranberry Wine and new Cranberry Apple Sparkling Wine in our tasting room, our online store, and at retailers across the region. Visit the Cranberry Wine page on our website to plan your visit, to conveniently order online, or to check our user-friendly store locator.  As we begin to gather for holiday celebrations, from our family to yours, we wish you health, prosperity, and plenty of Cranberry Wine to love and share. Cheers! 🍷






If you’ve visited the Tasting Room in St. James, MO, then maybe you’ve tasted one of the first St. James Winery selections to go into a 375ml can. If not, then here’s what you need to know about this Tasting Room exclusive wine!

The Lightly Spritzed Rosé is delightfully refreshing with bright strawberry and lemon flavors that bubble across the palate. This limited rosé is ideal for those who love a semi-sweet wine, as it is not too sweet or too dry and is perfect for enjoying during the warmer days of summer. Serve chilled and try pairing it with grilled shrimp, bbq pork or fresh fruit.

The packaging is great because there is no glass to worry about or a partially empty bottle to store! Each 375ml can is equal to a half bottle of wine and this lovely rosé has an ABV of 9.4%. Because of its packaging, this wine fits easily into a cooler and can safely go places glass cannot such as rivers, lakes and even poolside.

Watch the video below to find out what our Executive Winemaker, Andrew Meggitt, and Tasting Room Manager, Daniel Wynn, have to say about St. James Winery Lightly Spritzed Rosé. Cheers!


Just in time for the first day of spring, we are excited to announce the online release of our newest wines – sparkling fruit wines in 375 ml cans! These new additions to our lineup are a variation of our popular 750 ml fruit wines, which happen to be the most awarded fruit wines in the USA. Like our traditional fruit wines, these new canned wines are made with 100% real fruit, with no added colors or flavors and are gluten-free.

Although similar, there are a few differences in our traditional fruit wines and these new sparkling fruit wines. Other than being in a convenient, ready-to-go anywhere can format, the sparkling fruit wines are a lower ABV and are carbonated to create a light, sparkling fizz. Our traditional fruit wines are 10% ABV while these new sparkling fruit wines are 6.2% ABV. These changes lend itself to a lighter and very refreshing wine that is perfect for outdoor occasions and summer weather!

The flavors included in the lineup are Blackberry, Strawberry, Peach and Mango. Cans will be available in stores after April 1, but you can buy these single cans online starting TODAY!

Sweet, light and refreshing, these new wines are made for getaways & gatherings, docks & decks, pools & porches, and backyards & BBQ’s. Cheers!

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