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Growing up in New Zealand, the concept of sustainability was ingrained in me as a way of life. Most New Zealand families grow their own food, recycle everything they can, and care deeply about energy conservation. Taking that approach and applying it to a business can be challenging because we all have a bottom line to worry about. However, sustainability falls on the shoulders of all individuals and organizations.

Like those in other industries, winemakers should take conservation issues to heart. After all, we depend on healthy, fertile land to deliver a quality product. But true sustainability involves much more than the environment.

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Winemaking inherently depends on the land and the environment, so it makes sense that we would want to give back as an industry. Plus, the benefits of sustainable wine production aren’t just for the environment. Consumers are increasingly seeking out sustainably produced wine, and saving resources can also keep cash in your coffers.

With the right planning, sustainable practices can be a great boon to winemakers, consumers, and Mother Earth.

Here are six ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle at your winemaking operation, from setting water consumption KPIs to finding your inner artist.

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If you’ve been in the restaurant industry for any significant amount of time, you’re probably well aware of how it has transformed over the years.

Perhaps most noteworthy is how the Internet has created a more knowledgeable client base. Customers have access to a lot more information than they did 15 years ago. Now, they can find recipes online and watch videos on technique. But if customers can easily find out how to flambé their bananas foster online, why would they bother to go out and pay for someone else to set their dessert on fire?

The answer is in the experience.

But emphasizing personality and experience doesn’t mean knowledge is no longer important. Of course, you probably already have a training system in place to show new hires the ropes, but in the digital age — where industry standards can change at the drop of a hat — you need to take it one step further and bake a culture of continuous learning into your establishment.

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Craft beer may be the poster child of the “drink local” movement, but consumers want even more local options from their grocers. So why not offer local wines as well?

Regional wines establish the sense of place that customers seek. Many communities possess an appetite for preserving local color and flavor. And by offering wine made from close-to-home vines, you can attract a loyal consumer base and cut your carbon footprint.

In this article at ProgressiveGrocer.com, Andrew Meggitt discusses the benefits that await grocers who make shelf space for local wines.