It’s holiday party planning season, so what’s on your list for planning the perfect party?

Well…when the lights on the tree sparkle…

                  maybe your should wine sparkle, too!

For festive fun try St. James Winery’s newest sparkling wine: Sparkling Cranberry!

Sweet and tart with bright, festive cranberry colors, aromas, and flavors (just like our regular seasonal Cranberry Wine), but with an added sparkle.

Our Sparkling Cranberry wine offers refreshing cranberry acidity with a nice long cranberry finish. The perfect sparkling wine for any festive occasion or holiday party.


We’ve been counting down the days until our seasonal Cranberry Wine hits the shelves, but the wait is finally over! Cranberry Wine is here!

If you love the taste of cranberries, this is the wine for you: sweet and tart, just like cranberries should be. It’s refreshing, with lots of fresh cranberry acidity, and a long and lovely cranberry finish.

Cranberry wine is perfect this time of year, so enjoy it with a freshly baked ham or turkey or in one of our delicious cranberry wine cocktails. Visit our special Cranberry Wine ideas page for recipes featuring our holiday seasonal.

But like all our seasonal wines, when it’s gone, it’s gone. Order early to stock up for you holiday entertaining.


One of our favorite parts of summer here at St. James Winery is the return of our summertime seasonal Mango Wine.  It’s back in stock, but order soon, because (like all our seasonals) when it’s gone, it’s gone until next year!

It you can’t make it to the tropics this year, then our Mango Wine is absolutely the next best thing. It’s a true tropical treat! This seasonal wine features the aromas of sweet, fresh mango with fresh-from-the-tree mango taste.

St. James Winery’s Mango Wine is wonderful paired with angel food cake, chili spiced nuts, or garlic bagel chips. It’s also delicious as a base for sangria or mango-ritas!


Celebrate spring (it’s coming — we promise!) with our Strawberry Moscato, the newest seasonal wine from St. James Winery.

Strawberry Moscato has aromas and flavors of fresh strawberries with juicy notes of tropical fruit. It’s delicious with cheesecake or white chocolate.

Strawberry Moscato is available for a limited time only, so Shop Now. When it’s gone, it’s gone!

And be sure to buy a little extra so you have plenty on hand to make our Strawberry Moscato Cupcakes! They’re an easy combination of our Strawberry Moscato wine, a boxed strawberry cake mix, Greek yogurt, and three eggs. Topped with vanilla frosting, these cupcakes are the must-try recipe for spring! Make them mini-sized for a baby shower or bridal shower treat!

St. James Winery 2013 Nouveau

For wine lovers November is the month for all things “nouveau,” the name given to wine made from the fruit of the current harvest season. Following the tradition of other wineries around the world, each year St. James Winery releases its Nouveau wine the third Thursday of November. This year that’s November 21.

Nouveau wine customs date back many years and find their roots in the Beaujolais region of France where Nouveau began as a celebration commemorating the end of the grape harvest. However, in a cash-strapped Europe after World War II, the Beaujolais wineries and winemakers developed a wine style designed to be enjoyed right away, without an extended aging process. When the Nouveau was sent to stores in Lyon, France, for sale on the third Thursday of November a new tradition was born.

“This year’s Nouveau is full of the aromas and flavors of black cherries, plums, and wild raspberries. It really fills your mouth and has a lasting finish. It’s going to be perfect with some turkey and fresh cranberry sauce,” says Andrew Meggitt, Executive Winemaker at St. James Winery. “Nouveau is also a wine specially made to drink young, and it’s at the height of its flavor for the first six months, during the red wine drinking months of November through March or April.”

“St. James Winery is one of a very few wineries in Missouri to make a Nouveau wine, our 2013 Nouveau is a rare opportunity for wine lovers to get a sneak peek at the grape harvest which just ended a few weeks ago,” said Peter Hofherr, CEO of St. James Winery. “For us, Nouveau is part of our end of harvest celebration, and this is a really a great wine for the holidays.”

Because St. James Winery Nouveau is produced in small quantities – only 100 cases – fans of the wine know to shop early. Nouveau is available only in the winery’s Tasting Room or online at stjameswinery.com.

St. James Winery, the largest and most awarded winery in Missouri, has been making exceptional wines for more than 40 years. St. James Winery wines are sold in stores throughout the South and Midwest. The winery can be found online at www.stjameswinery.com.

Cut Line: St. James Winery’s 2013 Nouveau will release for sale on November 21. Nouveau is avaible only in the Tasting Room and online at www.stjameswinery.com.

The countdown to Cranberry Wine is over, and the Cranberry Wine is right here!!!

We’ve got St. James Winery Cranberry Wine in the house!!

To celebrate the occasion, the Tasting Room is planning some special treats all day on October 1.

  • Special Food Tastings
  • Cranberry Wine Recipe Samples
  • A VERY SPECIAL treat for the first 20 people who mention Cranberry Day

Stop by the Tasting Room to see what’s up!

If you can’t make it to the Tasting Room — be sure to look for St. James Winery Cranberry Wine wherever you usually purchase St. James Winery Wines or order online right here!

Then pop over to our Recipes section for some Cranberrylicious Recipes!! Food or wine cocktails, it’s all right now!

Summer is winding down at St. James Winery. Harvest is well underway, and now the trick is to make room in the cellar by moving out the last of our summer seasonal Mango Wine.

That’s where you come in!

Take advantage of our end of the season special pricing on Mango Wine. At only $8.99/bottle, it’s a great deal, and when you fill a case box with Mango or any combination of 12 bottles of our wine, you automatically receive our 10% case discount.

And when the temperatures begin to feel like fall, try a little Mango Heat.  Pour the Mango Wine in a snifter glass, add a little splash of brandy or moonshine, then give it a stir with a cinnamon stick.  You’ll be warm and toasty in no time.

St. James Winery Cranbery Wine


The Countdown to Cranberry is Underway!

Only 30, 29, 28, 27, 26…… days left until another season of Cranberry Wine hits the shelves on October 1 for fall and holiday entertaining.

Don’t miss out: pre-order Cranberry Wine right now!

Our Cranberry wine is sweet and tart with bright, festive cranberry colors, aromas and flavors. It’s full of refreshing, fresh cranberry acidity with a nice, long finish.

Like all our seasonal wines, St. James Winery Cranberry Wine is produced in limited quantities, so when it’s gone, it’s gone!

Because our Cranberry is priced at only $10.99 per bottle, there’s no time like the present to stock up.

With the 4th of July holiday weekend coming up in a couple of days, think red, white, & blue!

RED — Cherry, Raspberry & Strawberry
WHITE — Mango & Peach
BLUE — Blueberry & Blackberry

Our fruit wines are a fun way to celebrate the occasion and cool off at a 4th of July picnic. Here are some of our summertime favorites:

Take a picture of your results, then share it with us. Tag @StJamesWinery on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest!

St. James Winery Fruit WInes

St. James Winery’s innovative line of fruit wines are the perfect complement to a summer meal.  And with all the fresh fruits in season, the only difficulty is deciding what to cook!

Here are a few delicious ideas:

Not only do our fruit wines taste great in food, they are delicious when savored all by themselves.  At the recent LA Wine Competition wine judges awarded five of our fruit wines scores of 90+, including Peach which won Best of Class!