St. James Winery’s 2013 Nouveau Releases November 21

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St. James Winery 2013 Nouveau

For wine lovers November is the month for all things “nouveau,” the name given to wine made from the fruit of the current harvest season. Following the tradition of other wineries around the world, each year St. James Winery releases its Nouveau wine the third Thursday of November. This year that’s November 21.

Nouveau wine customs date back many years and find their roots in the Beaujolais region of France where Nouveau began as a celebration commemorating the end of the grape harvest. However, in a cash-strapped Europe after World War II, the Beaujolais wineries and winemakers developed a wine style designed to be enjoyed right away, without an extended aging process. When the Nouveau was sent to stores in Lyon, France, for sale on the third Thursday of November a new tradition was born.

“This year’s Nouveau is full of the aromas and flavors of black cherries, plums, and wild raspberries. It really fills your mouth and has a lasting finish. It’s going to be perfect with some turkey and fresh cranberry sauce,” says Andrew Meggitt, Executive Winemaker at St. James Winery. “Nouveau is also a wine specially made to drink young, and it’s at the height of its flavor for the first six months, during the red wine drinking months of November through March or April.”

“St. James Winery is one of a very few wineries in Missouri to make a Nouveau wine, our 2013 Nouveau is a rare opportunity for wine lovers to get a sneak peek at the grape harvest which just ended a few weeks ago,” said Peter Hofherr, CEO of St. James Winery. “For us, Nouveau is part of our end of harvest celebration, and this is a really a great wine for the holidays.”

Because St. James Winery Nouveau is produced in small quantities – only 100 cases – fans of the wine know to shop early. Nouveau is available only in the winery’s Tasting Room or online at stjameswinery.com.

St. James Winery, the largest and most awarded winery in Missouri, has been making exceptional wines for more than 40 years. St. James Winery wines are sold in stores throughout the South and Midwest. The winery can be found online at www.stjameswinery.com.

Cut Line: St. James Winery’s 2013 Nouveau will release for sale on November 21. Nouveau is avaible only in the Tasting Room and online at www.stjameswinery.com.

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