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Our Wine of the Week is Blend #43!

Blend #43 is masterly blended between the best of our Norton 42 barrels and the best of Chambourcin barrels, creating a delicious dry, red wine. When the wine was first created, our Cellar Crew was a bit stumped on what to name the new beverage. When asked how Blend #43 was chosen, Executive Winemaker, Andrew Meggitt said,

“Every name we came up with, that we thought was original, had already been taken. We got a call from the marketing department and they said we need a name now. I said call it 43. We’ve got 42. It’s just one more step in improving wine.”

Blend #43 lives up to its improving standards and has received several international awards this year. Its blackberry and red currant, along with cigar box aromas, fuse together to present an elegant and unassuming aroma profile. The palate begins with an intense burst of berry fruit, followed by silky smooth chocolate cherry flavors.

This red wine is part of the Winemaker Series which features select wines that are carefully crafted by our St. James Winery Cellar Crew. The wines in this series are handmade in small batches from the best-of-the-best varietals and blocks of grapes.

Find Blend #43 and the rest of the Winemaker Series exclusively in our Tasting Room!