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St. James WInery Wine Pouches

This summer St. James Winery is thinking outside the bottle! For the first time, St. James Winery’s popular Friendship School line of wines – Friendship School Red and Friendship School White – are available in convenient, outdoor-friendly pouches.

Enjoy these fun, easy-drinking wines in any setting. Lightweight and portable with a built-in, cut-out handle, each one liter pouch holds the equivalent of six glasses of wine. Wine pouches fit easily in a cooler, and white wines can be chilled in less than 20 minutes. They are perfect for canoeing, barbecues, picnics, fishing, camping, concerts, poolside, tailgating, or any outdoor activity! Even after opening, wine stays fresh for up to a month.

“The Ozark Highlands St. James Winery calls home are an outdoor lovers paradise,” said Peter Hofherr, CEO of St. James Winery. “Spring-fed streams with outstanding trout fishing wind their way through dense oak forests. Iconic Route 66, America’s Mother Road, runs right in front of our winery. With so much to see and do, making two of our most popular wines available in an easily portable pouch just makes sense.”

“Sustainability is an important part of what we do at St. James Winery. These eco-friendly pouches help us make the point that less really is more,” Hofherr said. “Reduced packaging takes less energy to produce, fewer materials to manufacture, and takes up less space during transportation.”

Look for St. James Winery’s Friendship Red and Friendship White wine pouches wherever you shop for St. James Winery wines.

St. James Winery is the largest and most awarded winery in Missouri. Founded by the Hofherr family in 1970, St. James Winery celebrates more than 40 years as a family owned and operated winery. St. James Winery’s award-winning wines are sold in 19 states.

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Cut Line: Now available from St. James Winery, Friendship School Red and Friendship School White wines in eco-friendly pouches.

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Cut Line: Easily portable and eco-friendly, St. James WInery’s Friendship School Red and Friendship School White wine pouches are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.