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This week’s Wine of the Week is our Pioneer White! This dry white is near and dear to us because it was created as a tribute to our founders, Jim and Pat Hofherr. Their story is a journey of humble beginnings in re-establishing the wine industry in Missouri after Prohibition nearly wiped it out.

Prior to Prohibition, Missouri was the second largest wine producing state in the United States. Once Prohibition went into effect, barring the manufacture and sale of alcohol, many vineyards were destroyed. The Italian immigrants in the Meramec Highlands region predominantly used their grapes for creating juices, jelly and jams. This kept the vineyards alive and well in our area.

As Missouri wines began to comeback in the 1960’s, Jim and Pat Hofherr decided to re-establish the craft of winemaking here in St. James, Missouri. Using the same grapes and similar wines that made the region world famous a half-century before, they created the now famous Velvet Red and Velvet White that remain a hallmark of the St. James Winery lineup. In their inaugural year of 1970, they produced 8,000 gallons of wine. Now, nearly 50 years later, St. James Winery produces more than 500,000 gallons of wine a year in a variety of flavors from sweet to dry.

Pioneer White is a dry, white wine that delivers smoky oak and pineapple aromas with zesty gooseberry and kiwi to the palate. Crisp and balanced acidity with a lively finish make this blend of Chardonel, Seyval and Vignoles grapes special and the perfect tribute to our own Missouri wine pioneers, Jim and Pat Hofherr.

We recommend enjoying this wine with smoked pork, grilled chicken or trout. You can also try our delicious Angel Hair Pasta with Feta and Broccoli recipe.

Our Pioneer White is available in our Tasting Room and in a store near you.


“Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried,
with fewer tensions, and more tolerance.”
~Benjamin Franklin

We definitely agree with Benjamin Franklin! And with springtime finally here, we’re all about living easier, being less hurried, and feeling fewer tensions.

Now that it’s becoming white wine season, St. James Winery is here with a wide range of delicious white wines: sweet, dry, and plenty in between. So chill a bottle or two of white wine, grab a few friends and enjoy!

Springtime Fruit Soup

Fresh fruit is showing up at the market, bursting with flavors and tasting like spring. For a new twist on some traditional fruit flavors, try our Fruit Soup with Blueberry Ginger Ice Cubes

Our Blueberry Wine mixes with strawberries, mango, pineapple, and citrus for a cool treat on warm spring days.

St. James Winery Frontier Selections

St. James Winery has always drawn inspiration for its award winning wines from the spirit of the early Italian immigrants who settled the area around St. James, Missouri, during the late 1800s. Now with the introduction their Frontier Selection label, St. James Winery is re-branding five of its award-winning varietal wines — Cynthiana, Estate Norton, Moscato, Riesling, and Vignoles — and developing two new dry wine blends, Pioneer Red and Pioneer White.

“We’re very excited about our Frontier Selections line for many reasons,” said Peter Hofherr, CEO of St. James Winery. “Since St. James Winery first opened its doors, we have pioneered the art of creating award-winning wines made from hybrid and native grape varietals. People talk about the wine frontier of South America or the South Pacific, but it’s also right here in Missouri. Because the wine frontier is any emerging wine region, and the Ozark Highlands of Missouri where we grow and make our wines is definitely the wine frontier.”

Within the Frontier Selections family there are two new dry wine blends — Pioneer Red and Pioneer White — which are named in honor of two Missouri wine pioneers. “Because we’re a family-owned winery, we believed it was important to honor the contributions of my parents, Jim & Patricia Hofherr, who founded St. James Winery more than forty years ago,” Hofherr said. “Pioneer Red and Pioneer White are perfect tributes to their entrepreneurial spirit and pioneering contributions to winemaking in Missouri.”

Pioneer White blends Chardonel, Seyval, and Vignoles to create a wine with smoky oak and pineapple aromas with zesty gooseberry and kiwi on the palate. Crisp balanced acid and a lively finish. Pioneer Red blends Norton, Chambourcin, and Rougeon grapes for a bright crimson wine with intense, layered flavors of plums, dark cherries and spicy oak.

“Another thing we’re very excited about with the Frontier Selections brand is the introduction of bottles with a carbonless footprint package,” Hofherr said. “Our labels are screen printed on the bottles using an organic, soy-based inks that are environmentally friendly, free of heavy metals, cadmium, solvents, and volative organic compounds (VOC). Because these are 100% recyclable through the traditional waste management process, the bottles are very eco-friendly. We chose the design to reflect the region and heritage of St. James Winery: the one-room schoolhouse and the rolling Ozark Highlands.”

St. James Winery is the largest and most awarded winery in Missouri. Founded by the Hofherr family in 1970, St. James Winery celebrates more than 40 years as a family owned and operated winery. St. James Winery’s award-winning wines are sold in 19 states.