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This whole month we’ll be celebrating Concord in Missouri. The grape makes up about 8% of all wine grapes grown in our “Show Me” state.

The wine is a tribute to the Concord grapes grown in the Ozark Highlands along Missouri’s Historic Route 66 for over 115 years. A long-term contract with a prestigious juice, jam and jelly company helped make these high-quality Concord grapes famous. Every year during harvest, Italian descendants still set up Concord grape stands along the highway to sell their fruit to travelers.

Our Concord wine is juicy and sweet, with an intense grape jam flavor and light finish. The red wine made from these grapes is usually served chilled, making it perfect for a hot day. Try it at refrigerator temperature, over ice or mixed with a club soda to create a light, grape spritzer.

Tag Archive for: concord wine

Concord Sweet Wine - St. James Winery Missouri
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