At St. James Winery there aren’t any tricks involved in making our delicious wines. Still, sometimes when we taste the results, we wonder if maybe there was a little bit of magic involved after all.

Certainly, the results of the 2012 wine competition year have been magical. Here’s how some of your favorite wines have done.

Raspberry: 3 Best of Class, 5 Gold
Blackberry: 2 Best of Class, 2 Double-Gold, 3 Gold
Strawberry: 1 Best of Class, 8 Gold
Peach: Best of Show (Fruit), 1 Gold
Velvet White: 1 Best of Class, 1 Double-Gold, 1 Gold
Riesling: 1 Double Gold, 3 Gold
Friendship School White: 1 Double Gold, 3 Gold
Vignoles: 1 Best of Class, 1 Double Gold, 1 Gold
Rougeon Rose: 1 Double Gold, 1 Gold
Traminette: Best of Class, 1 Gold

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St. James Winery Velvet Red, Velvet White, Pink Catawba, Country Red, and Country White

A pioneer in the production of sweet wines, St. James Winery has long been the premium producer of sweet wines in the United States.  Perfecting the art and science of sweet wine making has been a passion at St. James Winery for more than 40 years.  This spring, St. James Winery celebrates their commitment to an award-winning line of sweet wines, by launching Satisfy Your Sweet, a new program designed to spotlight their sweet spot.

“We’re really excited about our new Satisfy Your Sweet program, because it reflects exactly what St. James Winery is all about, satisfying your taste for sweet wines with high quality and high value,” said Peter Hofherr, CEO of St. James Winery. “The sweet wines in this program—Velvet Red, Velvet White, Pink Catawba, Country Red, and Country White—have won nearly 500 awards in just the past 5 years alone.”

Satisfy Your Sweet reflects St. James Winery’s dedication to spot-on flavor in every single bottle of wine they make.  “Delivering on quality is really important to us, especially in light of a recent study that proves people who prefer sweet wines actually have the highest level of taste sensitivity,” said Hofherr. “Here at the winery we work hard to make sure our sweet wines delivers consistent flavor from bottle to bottle, year in, year out. That consistency is one of the reasons our sweet wine fans are so devoted to our sweet wines. Our fans are tremendous brand ambassadors for us, and we love them for it.”

To connect with those brand ambassadors, St. James Winery plans for full social media engagement as part of the Satisfy Your Sweet campaign.  Anchored by a QR code promotion, there will be Facebook and Twitter contests for opportunities to win neoprene bottle holders or ice buckets featuring the St. James Winery logo.  Look for Satisfy Your Sweet point of sale materials for Velvet Red, Velvet White, Pink Catawba, Country Red, and Country White wine in the wine section of grocery, liquor, or wine stores throughout the Midwest and South.

St. James Winery has been growing grapes and making sweet wines for more than 40 years, and that makes them sweet wine experts.  St. James Winery is the largest and most awarded winery in Missouri. During the 2011 competition season alone, St. James Winery’s sweet wines earned 55 medals from national and international competitions.  A family owned and operated winery, St. James Winery is online at www.stjameswinery.com.