St. James Winery Harvest 2022

Harvest St. James Winery

The theme of St. James Winery’s 2022 Harvest is thankful!


Executive Winemaker Andrew Meggitt and Vineyard Manager Sam Cobb share some insights about why they are thankful for this year’s Harvest.


First, weather. The cooperative weather during harvest had a positive impact in more ways than one. Sam explains, “The fruit quality was exceptional this season. We were able to let it hang on the vine longer than usual, allowing the sugar content and flavor profiles to fully develop without losing any tonnage.”  Andrew echoes Sam’s praise of Mother Nature, “The weather was surreal. Conditions meant clean, outstanding, great vintage fruit.” The clear, mild temperature evenings, nights, and mornings proved to be not only beautiful but also bountiful during this harvest season.


Second, a large, healthy crop. During the season, a whopping 1,400 tons of grapes were harvested from our vineyards!  This tonnage includes fourteen varietals of grapes in full production and seven from experimental blocks. In terms of pace and workload, Andrew described it as “fast and furious” and a “shock to the system”.


Last but certainly not least, staff. Andrew, giving credit to the vineyard and cellar crews, says, “While harvest was awesome, it was extremely physically demanding – they just made it happen.” Sam adds, “My crew worked extremely hard this year and it certainly shows.” Except for some early equipment and power issues, the harvest of 2022 went very smoothly, thanks to the 7-8 crew members working 24/7 shifts throughout the season.


While Sam and Andrew give full credit to their teams, we also raise a glass to them! Their strong leadership and unmatched work ethic are evident. We are thankful for Sam, Andrew, and their teams. Cheers to them and the wines that are born from the fruits of their labor.

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