The Winemaker on Peachy Sangria

St. James Winery Peachy Sangria

This is not the first time St. James Winery has released the limited, seasonal wine Peachy Sangria. This wine is released in the summer because nothing speaks to this season better than sweet, ripe peaches and Peachy Sangria delivers just that. The sweet flavor from St. James Winery Peach fruit wine is blended to perfection with Raspberry and Moscato wines. The combination culminates into being a sweet wine perfect for sipping on the patio during a warm summer day.

To further share info about this wine, we decided to interview St. James Winery Executive Winemaker, Andrew Meggitt, to learn more about Peachy Sangria. Here’s how the Q&A session went.

What made you first decide to make Peachy Sangria?
It was an R and D (Research and Development) project in the lab about 5 to 6 years ago. We wanted to develop a wine that had a different flavor profile and feel to our traditional fruit wines.

What are three food pairing ideas for Peachy Sangria?
Pulled barbecue pork, chicken quesadillas and any red sauce pizza.

Aside from color, is there much difference between this year’s release and past releases of Peachy Sangria?
Taste and alcohol (ABV) are very similar. The color will vary year-to-year, but it does not affect the flavor.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
This began as a conversation within the production team. It started life as red, white and blue and evolved into less of the red fruits. Raspberry is still there to give it the acid it needs to balance the sweetness. Enjoy!

Well, there you have it! For many, this is a beloved seasonal wine that tends to sell out quickly. If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing Peachy Sangria, then you probably want to try and find it while it’s available in stores that carry St. James Winery selections, in our Tasting Room and online. Cheers!

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