New Seasonal – Cherry Moscato

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We’ve created a new seasonal for your enjoyment! Cherry Moscato combines the light, tropical sweetness of Moscato wine with the fresh, tart fruit of the Montmorency cherry. This premium blend is a seasonal selection available for a limited time only.

Our cellar crew carefully blended our 100% real Cherry fruit wine with our Moscato wine to create a light, refreshing taste experience that is free of added colors or flavors.

This spring seasonal wine will make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift or is an ideal addition to Easter celebrations. For a savory option, try serving it with prosciutto and Gorgonzola cheese or with pork steaks and barbecue ribs. For dessert, we recommend pairing this wine with a warm cherry tart à la mode.

Look for the newly designed label for this limited selection in our St. James Winery Tasting Room or in a store near you. Remember, with our seasonal wines, they will only be available as supplies last.

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  1. Timothy Barr
    Timothy Barr says:

    We live in Louisville Ohio We bought two bottles of Cherry Moscato while in Cincinnati last spring Loved it Where can I buy more here in Louisville?
    Tim and Karen Barr

    • lohmanhills says:

      I apologize for the delayed response. Cherry Moscato was a limited seasonal wine and is no longer available. Sorry. Glad you enjoyed it!


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