Happy Vignoles Month!

During the month of August, St. James Winery is celebrating Vignoles grapes in honor of Vignoles Month!  This French-American hybrid white grape is one of Missouri’s most versatile since it can be used to make dry, semi, sweet and dessert wines. Vignoles plays a large part in our state’s vineyards, accounting for 15% of all grapes grown in the state. Not only do Vignoles grapes thrive growing in Missouri, but they sell well too. Vignoles is Missouri’s most popular white wine.

St. James Winery has had great success with Vignoles and uses the grapes to make both semi-dry and dry wines. Our Frontier Series Vignoles is an easy-drinking semi-dry white wine that contains floral and fruity aromas with flavors of marmalade and pineapple with a crisp, clean finish. This wine is popular among customers and has won several prestigious awards. We take great pride in sharing that our 2016 and 2017 Vignoles together brought home five gold medals in several international wine competitions this year. With wine from all over the world being judged, this is a major accomplishment!

St. James Winery also uses the best of our Estate-grown Vignoles grapes to create our Dry Vignoles as part of our Winemaker Series. It has a beautiful floral nose with juicy, bright flavors of melon, peach and pineapple. Dry Vignoles possesses a crisp, light mouthfeel with excellent acid and a fruity finish. Our Dry Vignoles has also competed well this year with winning a Double Gold and two Gold in 2018. Our 2017 Dry Vignoles took home Best of Class and Gold in the Indy International Wine Competition this year.

We invite you to celebrate “Vignoles Month” this August by picking up a bottle of Missouri’s most popular white wine. You can find our Frontier Series Vignoles in our Tasting Room, online or in a store near you, and our Winemaker Series Dry Vignoles exclusively in our Tasting Room and online.


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