Apple Pie: The Taste of Fall

There is no better feeling than when Grandma has a fresh apple pie baking in the oven. With St. James Winery Apple Pie wine, you get that warm, homey feeling. Luckily, fall is right around the corner which means our Apple Pie is back!

This limited release wine is sweet and delicious with a hint of cinnamon spice, like apple pie in a bottle. This seasonal provides a kick of cinnamon up front with the taste of fresh apples to follow. It can be served in various temperatures: try it chilled for an after dinner dessert or heat it up on the stove to create a warm cider effect on a cold autumn evening.

There are several ways to enjoy Apple Pie wine. It can simply be drank straight from the bottle, mixed in a cocktail or creatively thrown in a dessert recipe. For your next fall get-together, try creating our Baked Apple Pie cocktail recipe to woo your guests.

Find St. James Winery Apple Pie wine in our Tasting Room, online or in a store near you. Remember, it is only here for a limited time so get it before it’s gone!

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