Wine of the Week: Riesling

This week’s wine of the week is Riesling!

Riesling is one of the most popular white grapes in the world so it’s no wonder why it makes such an incredible tasting wine! Having been around for hundreds of years, Riesling grapes are able to make both a sweet and dry wine. Due to the higher levels of acidity, this wine typically provides a crisp taste.

Looking for a wine with distinctive florals? Try St. James Winery Riesling. It is a beautifully balanced, well-structured and distinctive semi-dry white wine. St. James Winery Riesling features apple-like aromas and flavors of tart green apples, lemon and peach.

St. James Winery Riesling is part of our Frontier collection along with seven other delightful wines. Pick up a bottle or two and check out the rest of the collection at our Tasting Room or a store near you!


Looking for a way to cool down in this heat? Try our Riesling Pear Pops recipe.

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