Wine of the Week: Moscato

Our wine of the week is Moscato!

Moscato is derived from the muscat grape, which some believe to be the oldest type of grape in the world. More than 200 variations of the muscat grape exist today and can be found in most renowned wine growing regions across the globe. Due to its powerful aroma, Pliny the Elder referred to muscat as “The Grape of the Bees”.

Our Moscato features dynamic flavors of nectarines and apricots accented with juicy notes of tropical fruit. Balanced by a crisp acidity, this fragrant semi-dry white wine is full of personality.

Moscato has continued to grow in popularity within the United States over the last decade and has increased at an impressive rate of 25% for the last three years. While Moscato used to be enjoyed primarily by an older demographic, younger wine enthusiasts are now regularly indulging. Regardless of your generation, Moscato wine is sure to satisfy your palette!

You can pick up a bottle of St. James Winery Moscato at our Tasting Room or at a retailer near you.

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