Wine of the Week: Dry Vignoles

This wine of the week is both a taste of our vineyards and a taste of Missouri wine. The Vignoles (veen-YOLE) grape is a part of Missouri wine heritage. It grows well here and is so adaptable that winemakers can use it to craft wines ranging from dry to sweet. It is similar in flavor to a German Riesling.

The St. James Winery Dry Vignoles is part of our Winemaker Series, meaning it is carefully crafted by our talented Winemaker and Cellar Crew in a high-end, small batch and features the best of our Estate-Grown grapes. Wines in this series are only available through our Tasting Room in St. James or online – and are available only until the small batch is sold out.

When it comes to pairing a Vignoles wine, spicy is the route to take. You’re sure to love our Winemaker Series Dry Vignoles with spicy Asian dishes.

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