Cherry Chocolate has Arrived

Red wine and chocolate are one of the most reliable pairings in all of history. This combo also happens to be a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift. What if you could gift both in one decadent wine, made with the highest quality ingredients?

Say hello to our seasonal Cherry Chocolate wine, released in time for presenting to your Valentine! Fresh cherries are greeted with aromas of chocolate to create a mouthwatering combination that is certain to satisfy your sweetheart.

Our Tasting Room associates let us in on a little secret. The taste of this wine depends on how it is served! Here’s what they discovered. If chilled, the cherry flavors are more prominent. If sipped at room temperature, the chocolate notes shine. With this info, we came up with a couple of suggestions on how your loved one can experience this seasonal selection.

For the Norton lovers out there, try our Norton’s Chocolate Cherry recipe. With the blending of our Estate Norton the presentation in your stemware is a rich garnet hue with a taste more in line with that of a port wine.

For the ultimate Cherry Chocolate experience, try serving this wine chilled with warm devil’s food cake along with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream topped with a cherry. A dessert this decadent is ideal for sharing with your loved one as the perfect end to a romantic candlelight dinner.

Not sure how to gift this perfect present? Contact our customer service team to create a custom gift box for your Valentine. With their help, a great gift box is just a call away (800-280-9463). Also, remember this wine does pair well with flowers, so keep that in mind when you shop for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day!

Available in stores, in our Tasting Room and online.



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