Wine of the Week: Blackberry Blueberry

This wine contains two delightful berries blended together to create one deliciously sweet wine! Originally released as a seasonal wine in 2015, Blackberry Blueberry was so popular with our customers that we made it part of the selection in our St. James Winery premium line of fruit wines.  Join us at the St. James tasting room to try our wine of the week – Blackberry Blueberry!

We created this wine from fresh picked, ripe blackberries and blueberries. Our fruit wines are the most awarded fruit wines in the USA and are made with 100 percent real fruit!

This wine of the week is ideal as a dessert drink or an addition to your dessert course. It mixes easily to create decadent cocktails for sharing with friends and family around your table!  

Discover other ways of experiencing this berry delightful wine.


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