Wine of the Week: Pioneer Red

Welcome to the St. James Winery wine of the week! This week we are highlighting one of our Frontier Series wines, our Pioneer Red. This dry, red wine was created with grapes native to the Missouri Meramec Highlands and crafted to honor Jim and Pat Hofherr, our St. James Winery pioneers. The Hofherr’s began the renaissance of the Missouri wine industry in 1970, with a goal of making high quality wine that was perfect to share with the community of St. James and those who would pass through driving on Route 66. Their wine production embodied the same “can do” spirit as the first Italian immigrants who settled the Meramec Highlands, and we believe when you taste our Pioneer Red you get to experience flavors from high quality grapes, made with that same spirit.

Pioneer Red is an award-winning dry, red blend of our Chambourcin, Norton, and Rougeon grapes. It is a bright, crimson color and presents layered flavors of plums, dark cherries and spicy oak.

From Pioneer Chili to Elegant Pork Tenderloin, discover some of the different ways you can enjoy this Frontier selection wine beyond your stemware.



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