Wine of the Week: Blueberry

Did you realize our St. James Winery premium fruit wines are the most awarded fruit wines in the USA? If you haven’t tried this line of wine, you are definitely missing out!

We recommend you begin by sipping our highly-awarded Blueberry sweet wine. It has received six silver medals in 2016 alone, and we are sure it will become as special to you as it is to us!

Made from 100% pure, ripe blueberries with nothing artificial and everything delicious, Blueberry makes for a wonderfully decadent dessert all on its own. It also pairs well with a slice of angel food cake and a side of lemon sorbet.

For those who may not be looking for a dessert to add to their table, try using this quality wine to create additional food items. It makes both cooking and baking gold medal events!

Check out a few of our recipe ideas here:

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