St. James Winery Releases Two Small Batch 2015 Norton Wines

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St. James Winery has been growing Norton for four decades. Every year we produce one of the most awarded Norton’s in the country, our Estate Norton. In 2015 we set aside our very best,
hand-selected Norton grapes to produce two additional unique, small batch wines.

norton_422015 Norton 42
Back for the fourth year, our Norton 42 has gained a cult following with our dry red wine lovers. The name for the wine came partially as a nod to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
because we discovered the answer to the ultimate question of making wine was 42. When this wine recipe was first created, we were celebrating our 42nd anniversary, and our Executive
Winemaker Andrew Meggitt had turned 42 years old. It seemed that all the stars had aligned to help make this wine from the oldest block of vines – Block 14, which is 41 years old this year
– in the vineyard.

We crop at a low rate of 1-2.5 tons of per acre to create intense fruit flavors and give this wine an old world feel and complexity. We also harvest it much later than our other vineyards, due to the slower ripening of the old vines. The wine is made as naturally as is possible, destemmed and 60% whole berry fermentation. The berries are cold soaked to extract flavor and tannin for up to five days, then fermentation is started with the naturally occurring yeasts. We incorporate the stems as a source of tannin and structure in the wine during the fermentation process, too.

Tasting Notes: This wine has an old world charm that presents it self as having plum, black current and red cherry aromas. These fruit aromas can also be found in the flavor of this wine, along with a great tannin structure that creates an extremely elegant and well-balanced palate. There is subtle oak and integrated tannin that gives the wine a silky mouthfeel.

$24.99 / bottle
Take advantage of our 10% case discount when you buy 12 bottles

norton_label_20162015 Norton Cellar Selection
What do you get when you give each cellar hand 2,000 lbs. of fruit to ferment? A distinctive, intense wine called Norton Cellar Selection. This unique blend shows the hard work of 10 different cellar staff members who had the opportunity to try their hand at winemaking. Each one created their own recipe and list of ingredients, with direction from Executive Winemaker Andrew Meggitt and Assistant Winemaker Aaron Spohr. The wines were fermented, pressed and barreled in the individual lots, aged for nine months and then blended together.

This wine had its genesis in a conversation about creating, understanding and making better wine. This collaboration helped the cellar workers engage in and better understand the process of making wine. Its exceptional quality, structured tannins and flavor intensity captures the vibrant personality of our cellar team.

Tasting Notes: Aromas of black cherry and red plum, with cinnamon and cloves as a supporting cast. The palate has blackberry and cherry flavors, structured tannins and
a unique, great intensity.

$24.99 / bottle
Take advantage of our 10% case discount when you buy 12 bottles

St. James Winery Podium Series is a collection of innovative wines that reflect our winemaking creativity. Handcrafted in small lots, created in celebration of wine, our Podium wines are available only in the St. James Winery Tasting Room in St. James, Missouri.

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