St. James Winery Introduces McIntyre Cider, A New Hard Cider

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St. James Winery is pleased to introduce McIntyre Cider, its new line of premium hard apple ciders. Starting July 8th, 2016, McIntyre Cider hard apple ciders will be available at select retailers and the St. James Winery Tasting Room.

St. James Winery’s Executive Winemaker, Andrew Meggitt, was inspired to create the new McIntyre Cider line in France. While honing his skills with master French winemakers, Meggitt and his wife took time to tour cideries throughout the countryside. He found these cideries creating flavorful and intriguing ciders using a unique European style.

Meggitt brought this European hard cider style back to the States and, in time, crafted the four benchmark flavors of McIntyre Cider hard apple ciders. Each is crafted using 100% natural fruit juices that create crisp, premium flavors distinctly different than the sweeter cider varieties on the market today.

The four flavors of McIntyre Cider are: Hard Apple Cider, Blackberry Hard Apple Cider, Peach Hard Apple Cider, and Strawberry Hard Apple Cider.

  • McIntyre Cider’s Hard Apple Cider offers the bold, crisp taste of juicy apples. Thanks to its European style, Hard Apple offers a distinct light and off-dry flavor.
  • McIntyre Cider’s Blackberry Hard Apple Cider offers the unique flavor of blackberry jam mixed with the clean, crisp taste of apples. This cider reminds you of picking blackberries during summer with its tart berry notes.
  • McIntyre Cider’s Peach Hard Apple Cider offers subtlety not often found in peach-flavored beverages: Peach Hard Apple has mouthwatering ripe peach notes blended perfectly with crisp apple without unnatural or cloying sweetness.
  • McIntyre Cider’s Strawberry Hard Apple Cider is summer itself, ripe strawberry melding effortlessly with bright apple.

McIntyre Cider offers you the highest quality cider in Missouri. Each premium hard apple cider is made with 100% pure and natural fruit juices—meaning no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. McIntyre Cider is naturally gluten free.

With more than 40 years creating the most awarded wines in Missouri, St. James Winery is pleased to add McIntyre Cider to its premium beverage family. St. James Winery dedicates its efforts to creating the finest wine and fruit juices available, and McIntyre Cider is another excellent example of the winery’s devotion to offering its customers only the highest quality products.

To learn more about McIntyre Cider, please visit www.McIntyreCider.com

About St. James Winery
Founded in 1970 by Pat & Jim Hofherr, St. James Winery has grown to become the largest, most awarded winery in Missouri. Located along I-44 in the beautiful Ozark Highlands of Missouri in the town of St. James, the winery is a fun place to visit for a day trip. www.stjameswinery.com

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