Some of the best holiday parties are the most casual ones. Call the friends and tell everyone to bring something to nibble on and share. The serving table is a mish-mash of goodies, and the best part of the party is simply being together.

Still, every get-together has challenges, and at an occasion like this, one of the big questions is: what wine goes with everything from little sausages in barbecue sauce to sugar cookies to garlic bagel chips and stinky cheese dips?

Try St. James Winery Moscato! Light and fruity, with aromas of dried apricot and pineapple, our Moscato tastes of crisp nectarine, apricot, and tropical fruit. A true semi-sweet, St. James Winery Moscato has wide appeal, and because this wine is crafted to be enjoyed young, don’t save it until next year. Drink it now!

For a nice light and fruity red to serve alongside, our 2012 Nouveau is a great party wine with its flavors of red cherries, fresh raspberries, and underlying notes of cocoa. Like Moscato, Nouveau is a wine to enjoy right now.

So why not do just that? Enjoy young wines at the end of an old year — and let the rest of the party take care of itself.

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