Missouri Friendship School White Wine

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Great Vineyards: American AVA
Great Grapes: Cayuga – Vidal
Alcohol: 10.5%
Residual Sugar: 2%
Bottle Specs: 750 ml / twist off cap
Recipes: Friendship Salad Dressing
Salmon & Asparagus Pasta
Winemaker’s Notes:
Delicate. Fresh. Crisp. Fruity. Fun. Friendship School White may very well be the perfect white wine. Enjoy with spicy peanuts, soft cheeses and music of your choice.
Select Wine Competition Awards:
2016 Best of Class/Double Gold—International Eastern
2016 Best of Class/Gold—Pacific Rim International
2016 Chairman’s Award—Dan Berger International
2016 Gold—Finger Lakes International
2016 Gold—Mid-American
2016 Gold—Missouri Wine Competition
2016 Gold—New World International
2016 Silver—Florida State Fair International
2016 Silver—Indy International International
2015 Best of Class/Gold—Riverside International
2015 Best of Class/Gold—San Francisco Chronicle
2015 Double Gold—Indy International
2015 Gold—Florida State Fair International
2015 Gold—Los Angeles International (94 pts)
2015 Gold—International Eastern
2015 Gold—Mid-American
2015 Gold—Missouri Wine Competition
2015 Gold—Pacific Rim International
2015 Gold—San Diego Wine Competition (90 pts)
2014 Grand Champion/Best of Class/Gold — Pacific Rim
2014 Best White Wine/Best of Class/Gold — Long Beach Grand Cru
2014 Best of Class/Gold — Los Angeles International (95 pts)
2014 Jefferson Cup—Jefferson Cup Invitational
2014 Double Gold — Riverside International
2014 Gold — Finger Lakes International
2014 Gold — San Diego International
Sip Sweetly. Enjoy Responsibly.