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($34.99) This may be better than sending a fresh fruit basket, and definitely stays in-season longer. All of our fruit wines are made with 100% real fruit juice. Includes: St. James Winery Strawberry sweet wine, St. James Winery Peach sweet wine, St. James Winery Raspberry sweet wine in our newly designed St. James Winery box.

Blueberry Wine Our Price: $8.99  |  Add to Cart

Fresh from the field blueberry aromas and flavors! St. James Winery Blueberry Wine is delicious served chilled with your favorite dessert, especially if that dessert is ice cream covered in Blueberry Wine Sauce.

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Cherry Wine Our Price: $8.99  |  Add to Cart

Sweet and tart, our Cherry Wine is better than ripe cherries fresh from the tree! This wine is perfect alongside grilled pork or for dessert with milk chocolate. Be sure to serve well-chilled.  

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Peach Wine Our Price: $8.99  |  Add to Cart

The next best thing to biting into a fresh, ripe peach! Our Peach Wine brings fresh from the orchard peach flavors and aromas to your glass. Serve chilled with spicy cheese or your favorite dessert.

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Strawberry Wine Our Price: $8.99  |  Add to Cart

Fresh picked strawberries never tasted this good! Our Strawberry Wine is made from sweet vine ripened strawberries and it tastes wonderful when served well-chilled, especially with dessert like pound cakes or milk chocolate.  

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Peach Wine chilled with spicy cheese. or your favorite dessert. $8.99 Buy Now