We Love the Land We Work

The Meramec Highlands is more than a home to our winery — it’s home to our families, our
friends and our heritage. We’re committed to sustainability because we’re proud of our home and we want to take care of it. Learn more about our vineyards. 

Our Three Pillars of Sustainability

1. Sustainable growing practices

From beginning to end, we make the best wine we can in the best ways we can. We fine-tune our irrigation system and constantly monitor our soil moisture data to use less water while growing our grapes. We use the most efficient harvesting equipment available. We’ve instituted low-energy and sustainable wine fermentation and storage processes. Last, but not least, we bottle our wine with screw tops instead of hard-to-recycle cork.

Worker checking the stalks - St. James Winery

2. Sustainable facilities

The little things make a difference, so we recycle all our materials, use eco-friendly lighting and compost everything we can. The big things make a difference too, like the refrigeration system we installed to save energy while still meeting the needs of Missouri’s largest winery. Take a tour of our facilities and we’ll point out everything we do to minimize our environmental impact.

3. Sustaining our region

St. James Winery was founded to re-establish the tradition of winemaking in the Meramec Highlands, and we work to sustain that tradition. Our partnership with the Friendship School Foundation, helps us invest in and work to sustain the cultural heritage of our vineyards, our craft and our community. The Foundation name pays homage to the 19th century schoolhouse that still stands next to our vineyards, and is featured in our Friendship School red and white wines.