Baked Apple Pie

Our Baked Apple Pie is a warm and simple way to spread season’s greetings with your loved ones after a holiday meal. Ingredients: 1 bottle Apple Pie Wine 1/2 shot of Crown Royal or your choice of brandy Coat rim of glass with brown sugar (optional) Garnish with a cinnamon stick (optional) Instructions Simmer ingredients…

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Mincemeat a la St. James

Ingredients 2/3 cup St. James Winery Cranberry Wine 2 cups whole fresh cranberries 1 cup brown sugar) 2 teaspoons cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon allspice 1/2 teaspoon ginger 1 cup currants 1 cup raisins 1 cup dried cranberries 2 medium apples 4 tablespoons St. James Winery Norton Dessert Wine 1/4 cup real maple syrup 2 tablespoons honey…

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Blackberry Blueberry Wine

High Resolution Downloads: Bottle | Label | Barcode | PDF Flyer Alcohol: 10% Residual Sugar: 12% Bottle Specs: 750 ml / twist off cap Winemaker’s Notes: Aromas of fresh baked berry cobbler with the intense, delicious flavors of Blackberries and Blueberries which develop evenly across the palate and remain for a rich, long berry finish.…

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