Strawberry Wine – An Award Winning Missouri Fruit Wine

High Resolution Downloads: Bottle| Label | PDF Flyer | Barcode Alcohol: 10% Residual Sugar: 13% Bottle Specs: 750 ml / twist off cap Recipes: Strawberry Wine MojitoFruit Fool’s Dessert Winemaker’s Notes: Fresh picked strawberries never tasted this good. Our Strawberry wine, made from sweet vine ripened strawberries, is excellent served cold especially for dessert with…

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Trade & Distribution

 Velvet & Country Velvet Red Velvet White Velvet 3L Boxes Pink Catawba Concord Country Red Country White Fruit Blueberry Raspberry Blackberry Blackberry Blueberry Cherry Strawberry Peach Friendship School Friendship School Red Friendship School White Frontier Selections Riesling Vignoles Moscato Norton Cynthiana Pioneer Red Pioneer White Sauvignon Blanc Seasonal Apple Pie Cherry Chocolate Cranberry Mango Nouveau…

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Velvet 3L Boxes

High Resolution Downloads: Velvet White Box Velvet Red Box PDF Flyer Velvet Red Box UPC Code Velvet White Box UPC Code Velvet White: Alcohol: 10.8% | Residual Sugar: 7% Velvet Red: Alcohol: 10.6% | Residual Sugar: 12.1% Package Specs: 187 ml / twist off cap / 4 packs Velvet & Country Velvet Red Velvet White…

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Welcome Fall!

It’s already October, which means the fall festival and party season is in full swing. The leaves are turning, and it’s time for caramel apples, pumpkin pies, and sunset hayrides. The celebrate the arrival of fall, St. Jame Winery wants to make sure that you’re arriving in style at your next fall get-together. It’s a…

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Moscato Mania

St. James Winery Moscato Wine

Wine lovers around the world have gone just a bit mad for the fragrant light-bodied white wine, and in response to this wave of Moscato mania, St. James Winery is re-introducing its Moscato wine. “Moscato wines have been enjoying a renewed popularity with the wine drinking public, and our customers have been asking for St.…

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