Fermentation Campus

Welcome to our Laboratory

At the St. James Fermentation Campus, we discover what new and exciting craft beverages our region can produce. Together with our friends at Public House Brewing Company, we’re opening up our fermentation campus so you can see (and taste) the dedication and creativity we use to make the wines and beers you love.

 The craft of winemaking, up close and personal

When you’ve been making wine in the Meramec Highlands as long as we have, you learn that this land always has something new to offer. At the Fermentation Campus, you can see our wine fermentation process in person and learn how we turn grapes like our Concord and Vignoles into the most awarded wines in Missouri.

Choose your own craft beverage adventure

Sure, the Fermentation Campus is a place to enjoy our award-winning wines and Public House Brewing Company’s innovative craft beers, but it’s more than just that. Pair locally sourced food with your beverage of choice, take a complete tour of our beer and winemaking facilities, or just kick back and enjoy the scenery and amenities. The Fermentation Campus is a unique learning and relaxation destination, created just for you.