Progressive Valentine’s Dinner

An interactive date night experience touring both the winery and brewery while enjoying gourmet foods expertly paired with St. James Winery wine or Public House Brewing Company craft beer.

Select from either Friday, February 15 or Saturday, February 16. Meet at the Winery Tasting Room by 5:30 p.m. to embark on your date night adventure. Cheers!


• STARTER: Midwest Sushi –
Paired with your choice of Seyval or Frisco 1501 Amber Lager
This Japanese dish is Missouri-fied. Sticky rice is rolled in seaweed wraps with bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, carrots, slow-smoked pork loin and cashews. Served with a soy and spicy ginger ranch sauce.

• SECOND: Jollof and Smoked Trout on Fry Bread –
Paired with your choice of Pioneer White or Rod’s Cream Ale
A West African dish with rice, tomato, bell peppers and flavorful spices. Typically featuring chicken or local fish – we used trout! The trout is slow-smoked, placed on a bed of Jollof and served atop fry bread.

• MAIN: Beef Medallion with a Grenobloise Sauce –
Paired with your choice of Pioneer Red or Level 2 Fall Risk Imperial IPA
This Italian dish starts with Moon Dance Farm beef medallions seared to perfection. Drizzled with Grenobloise sauce, which is a browned butter and caper sauce. Served on a bed of hot German potato salad.

• DESSERT: Black Walnut Crème Brûlée –
Paired with your choice of Late Harvest Traminette or Cabra Loca Espresso Milk Stout
A French dish consisting of a rich custard base topped with a layer of hardened, caramelized sugar. To bring it closer to home, we incorporated ground black walnuts atop this classical favorite.

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