St. James Winery will donate a portion of proceeds from the sale of their wine to support local food bank child feeding programs.
For thousands of children living in poverty in Missouri, breakfast and lunch at school are the only source of reliable nutrition. Weekends and holiday periods are specifically difficult for these at-risk children.

Child feeding programs make a difference. Backpacks filled with kid-friendly, nutritious food are sent home with at-risk kids over weekends and holidays to supplement meals when there is not enough to eat at home.

St. James Winery, in tandem with the Missouri Food Bank Association, hopes to raise awareness of the issue of childhood hunger and to educate and encourage others to donate to this worthy cause.

The Missouri Food Bank Association is a coalition of the six Missouri food banks working to provide hunger relief to every county in the state. Collectively, they distribute over 90 million pounds of food each year through a network of more than 2000 community feeding programs, including backpack programs for kids.

Make a difference.
Learn how you can help Missouri Food Bank Association at feedingmissouri.org or by clicking the buttons below to donate.


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