Welcome Back Mango!


One of our favorite parts of summer here at St. James Winery is the return of our summertime seasonal Mango Wine.  It’s back in stock, but order soon, because (like all our seasonals) when it’s gone, it’s gone until next year!

It you can’t make it to the tropics this year, then our Mango Wine is absolutely the next best thing. It’s a true tropical treat! This seasonal wine features the aromas of sweet, fresh mango with fresh-from-the-tree mango taste.

St. James Winery’s Mango Wine is wonderful paired with angel food cake, chili spiced nuts, or garlic bagel chips. It’s also delicious as a base for sangria or mango-ritas!

3 comments on “Welcome Back Mango!

    1. Please call the 1-800-280-9463. Our seasonal Mango is Pineapple Mango this year, but Liza can set you up with what you’re looking for!

  1. Would you have any of your Mango Wine from 2014? The pineapple mango is okay, but I still prefer and LOVE the mango wine. I would buy a case if you have any left.

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