Enjoy the
Meramec Highlands

The Meramec Highlands surround the winery. This unique geographical land formation is called the Salem Plateau. The plateau is a source of unique soils, weather patterns, and spring-fed streams. At the turn of the century, it produced much of the wine that made Missouri the second-largest wine-producing state in the country. It’s the historical home to one of Missouri’s Italian immigrant communities, who settled and farmed on free land given by the railroad.

When you visit south-central Missouri, you’re going to find outdoor adventures, lush landscape, trout streams, scrumptious fresh food, history and lots of new friends.

We owe a lot to the place we live. The unique region gives us the best grapes. The people give us the best employees. The history gives us the best inspiration. The Meramec Highlands is home to us, and we’re proud to make our wine here.