Our Vineyards

Like Nowhere Else

The Meramec Highlands provide winemaking conditions unlike any other region in the world — and that’s not an exaggeration. Missouri’s distinctive weather patterns and the unique soil in our vineyards are exactly what we need to make wines that continue to win fans from around the world.

Missouri’s local vineyards

The St. James Winery vineyard makes for a perfect stop on any exploration of our home state. Nearby spring-fed streams, hiking trails and trout fishing give our winery all the hallmarks of a classic Missouri getaway destination.

Past meeting future

The Hofherr family founded St. James Winery to produce wines reflecting the region’s unique attributes. These same attributes made Missouri the second-largest wine producer in the country almost a century before. Even as we’ve grown to become the fifth-largest winery east of the Rockies, our vineyards are still maintained and harvested with our heritage at heart.

Come take a tour and see what we mean.