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The grapes used for wine are dependent on consistent temperatures and seasons. While you may enjoy popping off your coat on 60-degree days in January, the grapes that decide to awaken from their winter dormancy risk dying because of the fleeting nature of warm winter days.In this article, Andrew Meggitt discusses the tactics winemakers are using to combat the effects of climate change.
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  • Missouri Destination Winery Events Venue
    For over 40 years St. James Winery has been producing unique regional wines. Our hard work in the vineyards and winery has paid off.  MORE>>
  • The wine industry is full of new conversations, unexpected practices, products, and designs. Read about our progress here

  • Fruit Wine Mixology
    Whether used in place of a mixer for margarita and mojitos, or the base ingredient for sangrias or mulled wines, St. James Winery’s fruit wines make it easy create fun, delicious, and oh so drinkable wine cocktails.